New Beginnings

It’s been a long time since I wrote the last time. However, I’m not going to apologize to you since I don’t owe you anything, just like you don’t owe me. I hope you understand this. Medical school has kept me really busy and I’ve not found the time, nor motivation, to write. I realize that these are just bad excuses and thats why I want to continue this journey now. In hindsight, I really wish I had stayed active, there’s so much I’ve experienced and learned that I could have shared. That doesn’t mean it’s too late, and thats why I’m here.

When I created this blog, I really didn’t know what I would want to write about except for book summaries. My wish is that this blog could function like a diary to me, where I can share anything to you. This blog is mainly for me, so that I can reflect on my own thoughts and improve my english language, but I hope others could also find some value in my thoughts. I would be happy to get responses that challenge my views. ”Do not correct a fool, or he will hate you; correct a wise man and he will appreciate you.” I’ll be continuing writing book summaries, but they will be more like book reviews. I don’t want to plagiarize other peoples work, so I will be mainly giving you my own thoughts on the books and whether it was good/helpful/worth to buy.

I thought about creating a writing/publishing plan, and post it here. Hopefully it will keep me accountable and stick to it. I’ll be posting every Friday night, sharing my thoughts about life in general and things I’ve seen and experienced. Once a month, lets say starting next Tuesday, I’ll also be writing a book review. That would mean at least five blog posts per month, which I think will be a challenge for me, but still possible. The blog posts should also be at least 500 words long, otherwise I could just post anything and argue I’ve sticked to the plan. This is the short timeframe plan but how about the future?

My goal with this blog will never be to get a specific amount of subscribers/followers/clicks. I’m also not going to ever show ads or promote any products. If i recommend a book, it’s only because I think it was actually good. This will ensure I remain honest to you, trust and respect are more important than money for me. Yes, I will become a doctor, but money was not the main motivator. For me it’s about helping other people. I’m really grateful for my life and everything I’ve got, so I feel almost as if I have a responsibility to help others that are less fortunate than me. One day I may be the one that needs rescuing, but until then I will do my best to help others and make the world a slightly better place.

As a conclusion, I’m back and planning to stay active this time. Blog posts every Friday and once a month on Tuesdays. Hopefully we can all learn something. Finally, if you have anything that you would wan’t to know about medical school, just write a comment and I will try to answer you. Remember that I’m a first-year student so don’t ask me for medical advice, I ain’t no doctor yet.


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