The Importance of Good Social Connections

For many of you school is starting soon or has already started. Some of you go to high school, some to college, some to university and some maybe are working. This blog post is mainly directed to those in school, but applies also to those who are working.

All my life I have been going through school without socializing too much. I have never been in any after school groups or whatnot. Most of the time I’ve been hanging around with a few good friends and occasionally in some bigger groups. Sometimes I’ve thought about my habits and came to realize that maybe I should be with other people too, just to talk about something else than the usual guy talk about sports and video games. I recently met a friend of mine who has already studied a year in university, which I’m also starting soon. I asked him for some advice for a first year student like me and the thing he told me really got me thinking.

His advice was as you may guess, to socialize as much as possible and get to know everybody. Maybe you are a little shy and think; why should I do that? Well here’s why. You never know how valuable those connections will be later on. They could become a future president, influential businessman/buisnesswoman or just a highly respected professional in some field. Wouldn’t you want to be friends with the future president? Exactly, and that’s why building connections and friendships in school is so important. In the workplace, your current workmate may become your boss one day. Who knows, if you have been treating them well they may give you a raise later on.

There is two wise phrases I would like to present to you. One, you become who you hang around with and two, your net worth is the average of your five closest friends net worths. You shouldn’t underestimate the truthfulness of these principles. That’s why you want to know good, honest, hard-working people who share your aspirations. Bad friends will just drag you down and hold you back, they don’t want to see you succeed.

If you want to see who your true friends are, ask them to help you moving some stuff on a saturday morning. Half of them probably won’t even answer, a quarter will come up with an excuse and if you are lucky a couple will say yes. This is just a test which you can tell for those who would have helped you, and show your appreciation to them by kind words or a gift for example. This may seem a little radical but getting rid of bad friends will make you much happier and leave you time to spend with your real friends instead.

I want to discuss about the average net worth principle a little more. When you are surrounded by succesful people you start to emulate their habits, the way they talk and the way they dress. I promise you, if your five closest friends are millionaires, you are too or you will soon become one. It’s all about the social connections, you may get a job you wouldn’t otherwise found out about, maybe get in on a profitable investment or even get huge discounts on stuff. Maybe your good friend is a doctor and you have recently broken your arm. Your friend promises to fix it for free since you are his friend. This is just an example but I’m sure you get the point I’m making.

The point of this blog post is to function as a wake up call for you and even for me. This is something I knew from before and that maybe you already knew too. That hasn’t stopped me from doing the opposite, but I will try to change my habits from now on, and I highly recommend you try too. My friend opened my eyes and I hope i have opened yours. Till next time, enjoy the starting school year and go make some friends.

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