Calisthenics; Cheap and Effective

Why Calisthenics

Lately I’ve been reading and watching videos about calisthenics, a form of physical exercise, where you use only your own bodyweight and the surroundings when working out. It’s nothing new and maybe you’ve heard about before, at least I had.

I got out of the military roughly a month ago and I’m in good condition, both physically and mentally. I’m from Finland and going to the army for six, nine or twelve months is pretty much mandatory here. You can take civil service but the majority chooses the army. I served for a whole year, but that is a story for a later time.

The last month I’ve been working and haven’t had the energy to workout that much in the evenings. Now that my summer job is over and I’m preparing for university to begin next month, I decided it would be smart to pick up a workout routine which would not break the bank.

Calisthenics is therefore the perfect option for me. Running and working out in the nearest playground or park doesn’t cost a cent, which is good when your living on a student budget. The winter can be a bit of a challenge, especially here in Finland, but that will be a problem for later I guess.

For me calisthenics poses also an inspirational challenge, the achievement of complete control over your own body. I read in an article that mastering your own body gives you a type of self-confidence that shows in your posture, which I fully believe in.

Calisthenics Movements

Basic calisthenics movements include; push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, squats, lunges, sit-ups, crunches, dips and the plank. There are more difficult movements too and basically only your imagination is the limit. To name a few; hand-standing, the flag and one-handed push-up. These are not for beginners, so you should not attempt them unless you’re in good shape or you’ll injure yourself.

Warm Up

Before doing calisthenics, you should warm up just as you do before any type of workout. Running for a couple of minutes, swinging your arms, rolling your neck and shoulders, doing some lunges and stretching lightly is enough to get the blood flowing and preventing you from any injuries.


Calisthenics is challenging, cheap, effective and also a lot of fun. I’ve done a couple workouts now and my muscles are really sore. Maybe I’m not in as good shape as I thought I was, after all. In the end, calisthenics is just one way of working out, some like it and others don’t. The most important thing however, is that you do something. Is calisthenics maybe something for you, I recommend you go and work it out.

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